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GRAFTING MACHINE 300/21 - With Two different Blades

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The Hand Grafting Machine is a special plier for making grafts on plants.
Equipped with two types of blades ("V" and Omega) it is able to make grafts on any type of plant.
All the pieces of the grafting machine are interchangeable with tempered steel blades which also work well on the branches of different types, even the hardest.
It is a unique product of its kind, suitable for both DIY and professional use as a gardener, florist and much more.
It is sufficient to properly cut two branches (max. diam 13.5 mm) to have the graft and rootstock ready in a moment.
The plier is light and does not oxidize, the ergonomic and non-slip handle allows a firm grip that allows you to work constantly without pain and without inaccuracies.
The "V" cut is generally suitable for fruit plants because these plants have little sap and only thanks to the shape of this incision can the sap rise faster.
While the "Omega" cut is more suitable for the kiwi vine and for all those plants that once cut, a lot of sap gushes out.

Total size: 21 cm (8.27 in)
Weight: 240 gr (8.40 oz)
See our guide on the grafting and budding technique, here
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