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Effortless Pruning with Superior Performance: Introducing the Due Buoi Fixed Blade Pruning Saw!

Say goodbye to struggling with cumbersome pruning tools! The Due Buoi Fixed Blade Pruning Saw is designed for effortless, clean cuts, making your gardening life easier.

Here's what sets this saw apart:

_Lightweight Champion: Weighing in at just 220 grams (7.7 oz), this saw is a breeze to handle, minimizing arm fatigue during extended use.
_Unmatched Strength: The 24 cm (9.46 in) blade is crafted from high carbon steel for unmatched durability.
_Laser-Sharpened Precision: Every single tooth is laser-hardened to HRC 66/67, ensuring a razor-sharp edge that tackles even the toughest branches.
_Superior Cutting Power: The specialized blade geometry and teeth work together for exceptional cutting efficiency, allowing you to power through branches with minimal effort.
_"Pull-to-Cut" Design: This innovative design allows for a smooth, effortless cutting action that minimizes strain on your wrists and arms.
_Built to Last: The blade features a protective chrome plating that provides exceptional resistance to friction and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance.
_Safety First: When not in use, the included comfortable and secure sheath safeguards the blade, keeping you and your tools protected.

Experience the difference with the Due Buoi Fixed Blade Pruning Saw! It's the perfect tool for effortless, precise pruning that makes garden maintenance a breeze.

Blade length: 24 cm (9.46 in)
Blade: High carbon percentage steel - Hardness: HRC 66/67 - Surface treatment: Chrome plating - Teeth hardening: laser impulse - Handle: Plastic and rubber
Weight: 220 gr (7.70 oz)
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