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Due Buoi Pruning Kit

Bypass shears with plastic handle
Carbon steel pruning shears:
Interchangeable blades in high carbon steel
Steel structure for greater strength and durability.
Ergonomic handle for maximum comfort and minimum effort
Lever "lock / unlock" operated easily and safely with the thumb
Lymph cleansing groove
Total size: 22 cm (8.67 in)
Blade: Steel C60 - Hardness: HRC 54/55 - Nut: Hardened steel C45 - Bolt: AVP - Lock System: Steel - Handle: Plastic
Weight: 240 gr (8.40 oz)

Professional Anvil Lopper:
Extra leverage and compound action power let you effortlessly cut 2” branches.
Fewer maintenance and breakage problems compared to the bypass lopper because the blade descends straight without possible twisting.
The forged narrow blade has a degree of hardness of 58 HRC. Grind lines reduce cutting friction without the need for short-lived coating material.
25.19” handles with an overall length of 31.5” allow you to work with extra leverage and strength. Ergonomically handles for optimal grip. Easy and safe to use.
The compound action, ensured by a solid forged construction and solid and sturdy 5/16 "diameter steel pivot points, gives the maximum power in the middle of the cut.
No doubt! A product for professionals where precision and cutting time have value
Total size: 80 cm (31.52 in)
Blade: Steel C60 - Hardness: HRC 58 - Counter blade: Aluminum 6082 - Handle: Extruded aluminum 6082 - Knobs: Plastic
Weight: 1040 gr (36.40 oz)

Professional tools for orchard, olive harvesting and gardening.

Weight: 1700 gr (59.50 oz)
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