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Forged pruning shears model "Palermo" is an ideal tool for plant care. This shear has a blade and a handle made of high carbon steel, which give it strength and durability. The blade has a special "EXTRA HARD" tempering (58/59 HRC) that allows it to maintain a clean and precise cut over time. The pointed shape of the blades facilitates the pruning of thinner and hidden branches among the leaves. The shear is equipped with a closing loop to store it safely when not in use.
Painted in red for easy identification.

Total size: 25 cm (9.85 in)
Blade: Steel C60 - Hardness: HRC 58/59 - Bolt locker: OT63 - Screw: Hardened C45 - Bolt: AVP - Lock system: Nylon - Painting: Orange epoxy resin
Weight: 410 gr (14.35 oz)
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Hot forged pruning shears

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