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Natural sharping stone for pruning shear 500 grain. The regular use of the stone guarantees a smooth and safe cut without the fraying that can cause problems to the plant. Before starting the sharpening operation it is important, especially for natural stones, to immerse the stone in water for at least ten minutes. Once the operation started, remember that the sharpening work is a slow and unhurried job, this for a better result and for an attention to safety. The sharpened blade should be cleaned with a soft cloth and protected with a film of oil. Even the stone must be cleaned of the waste materials generated. Cleaning is carried out by placing the stone under a jet of water and brushing the material away with a semi-rigid brush. After washing, the stone should be dry out, avoiding to place it in the sun by letting it simply drain and dry in a dry and sheltered place.

Total size: 0,2/0,8x2,8x10 cm
Weight: 150 gr
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Sharpening stone

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